Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Herbal Armor Pet Insect Repellent: Sure It's Safe But Does It Work?

I grew up in the mountains. You could say I’m a bit of a “hillbilly” You may ask yourself what kind of hillbilly blogs about organic repellent? My answer: more kinds then you would imagine- especially in Southern California. (I know what you’re thinking and yes…there are ;)

Whatever the Case I Had Lot’s of Dogs Growing Up...

I mean anywhere from four or five at any given time. My parents are hippies and my mom has always had a deep rooted distrust for doctors including vets- so most of the times our pets lived, died and reproduced according to the laws of nature. And believe it or not they were pretty healthy most of the time. There were a couple of things however that were a problem. One was stickers and foxtails in the ears and between the paws in the fall; the other was mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas in the summer. I always felt sorry for our log haired dogs. They would just lay there in whatever shade they could find and look at me with this miserable –“You’ve got to be kidding” look on their face

Flies buzzing around their ears and their noses, mosquitoes at dusk- A quick run through the brush and I would have the pleasant duty of 5 dog tick removal. And need I mention fleas? I think not. Well our options were limited we could feed the dogs but much of the time could not afford to do much else. (Maybe spray em’ down with the hose- but in the end that just made things worse.)

The Limburger Cheese of Pet Insect Repellent

My mom would never have touched a chemical repellent even if we could have afforded it. Instead she would take it upon herself to devise remedies for this problem in the form of herbal concoctions that consisted of things like local repellent plants, vinegar, and lord knows what else. Well it worked great, the only problem was that when they were wearing it I wished that I had some kind of dog repellent. (They smelled horrible)

So we got along that way, but when I grew up I decided I would treat my animals a little differently. I live in an apartment and can’t have dogs or I would but I do have a cat named Hank. Hank is a good cat, he really is- he’s grey short haired fairly independent and recently neutered. (Although you wouldn’t know it)

To make a long story not quite as long Hank suffered from cat fleas. I couldn’t give him a bath he just wouldn’t dig it- and seeing as though we’ve always had a kind of ‘mutual respect’ going on I never pushed the issue. (And I don’t care for things like DEET repellent and chemical flea shampoos anyway) So I really didn’t know what to do for the first two years of his life I just assumed it was something we were going to have to live with until…

Organic Repellent?

Did I mention I work for a green website that does environmentally friendly product reviews, well if I didn’t then you should know that I do- and that in the course of my work I ran across this excellent online store that sells green lifestyle products of every different type and persuasion (as long as it’s natural, organic, and/or environmentally friendly.) It’s called 'exclusively green market.' And if you own pet’s I would seriously suggest that you Get your Earth Friendly Pets products at I love this place- their selection is excellent for any number of products but the reason I wrote this article was to share my experience with a specific product called Herbal Armor Pet Repellent Spray.

When I do a review I usually request that the manufacturer send me a freebie because often times it is the sort of thing I may not need or want myself, but in this case when I saw the product on their site I thought huh, I bet Hank would appreciate this and I picked up the little four ounce bottle just to try it out. And low and behold Hanks flea problems are a thing of the past- and the propriety herbal blend that they use smells nothing like vinegar! It actually smells pretty good.

So If it worked for my cat (who gets into any number of flea and bug infested situations- I don't keep him indoors all the time) Then I.m sure it will work for your pet as well. Let's face it a fleas a flea, it doesn't matter if it infests Hank the moderately cocky recently netered tom cat or Foofie the prize Aussie-Doodle.

They also make a great pet Aloe Vera product that works very well for treating dry flaky skin, and insect bites.

This too of course is all natural. I hope you have the same experience I did and still do with this excellent store and their enormous selection of cool eco-friendly whatsits and do-dads!

P.S. They also offer a thirty day refund. Here’s a little info about the background of the product and company;

All Terrain was started in 1996 when its founder Todd Hakanson was hiking in Costa Rica. A bottle of DEET insect repellent he was carrying in his backpack leaked. It ate through his backpack and melted the keys on a calculator he was carrying to figure out exchange rates. Worrying what the DEET was doing to his skin he began to research the effect of DEET upon his return to the United States. What he found scared him so much that he developed an all-natural insect repellent formula.

This formula Herbal Armor Insect Repellent is a synergistic blend of five essential oils which is microencapsulated for release over time. Clinical research at the University of Guelph in Toronto indicates that Herbal Armor is 100% effective for over two hours over 95% for three hours and over 77% effective for four hours.

Pet Herbal Armor Insect Repellent Spray gives your pet instant relief that works for over two hours. This all natural insect spray is DEET-free and made from essential oils. Unique formula w/five natural essential oils recognized by the EPA as repellents.

Exclusively Green, LLC

Exclusively Green, LLC guarantees that you will be happy with your purchases. With-in 30 days of purchase they offer a full refund or replacement for any product for any reason.